My life has changed for the better because I met and opened up to Debi this past summer. I was in a place in my life where I felt completely lost and had forgotten my own personal goals. Debi continues to give me hope and encouragement to change my perception of my self worth. The result is that I strive every day to find moments of happiness in my life. She teaches me to look beyond the person I thought I was, and to see who I really am. I am very thankful to learn from her because I feel calm about my past, joyful in my present, and excited for my future.
— Ariel M.
Working with Debi helped me realize that I was allowing my happiness to be dependent on what was happening TO me. Debi has taught me a whole new way of viewing life. It is with much more ease, flow and peace that I am now walking in the world.
— Connie
How do you want your life to be? How would you like your story to read? Debi helped me to realize how deeply our thoughts shape our individual world. And the “ah-ha” moments come quickly with Debi’s guidance on how to look at the world differently. After reviewing issues, situations, my thoughts and subsequent feelings, I learned how to adapt to a different, but easy way of processing. I am learning a new way “TO BE” me and the shift that is occuring continues to grow daily. I am amazed at the peace just a few sessions have brought me. Worth every penny, worth peace, worth my sanity, improved relationships, improved quality of life - all from such amazingly effective & simple coaching method. Debi is a blessing!
— Tracey S.